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Maxxi Markets is a premier forex broker, offering a gateway to global financial markets. With innovative platforms, transparent trading, and a diverse range of instruments, we empower traders of all levels. Our commitment to excellence, backed by a team of experts, ensures clients experience unparalleled success in their trading journey.

Maxxi Markets: where your financial aspirations meet exceptional service and opportunities for growth.

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Diverse products for limitless possibilities. Elevate your trading with our expansive range.

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Clear costs for confident trading. Uncover transparent pricing that puts you in control

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Empower your journey w/ powerful tools. Stay ahead through sharp innovations for enduring success.

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Experience unwavering 24/7 dedicated support for your success. Your journey remains our top priority


Discover the journey, values, and vision that shape Maxxi Markets – your trusted partner in international brokerage.

Environmental care is the most profitable investment.

Maxxi Markets Ltd., based on the Autonomous Island of Mwali (Mohéli) in the Comoros Union, goes beyond the traditional brokerage narrative. Our journey began with a vision acknowledging the profound environmental impact of business. In an era prioritizing global sustainability, we see environmental care not just as a responsibility but as the most profitable investment for our shared future.

Guided by the International Business Companies Act 2014 and Brokerage Act 2013, we proudly hold the International Brokerage and Clearing House License from the Mwali International Services Authority (License No. T2023425, issued on 14/12/2023). Regulatory compliance is not just an obligation but a cornerstone of our philosophy, ensuring transparent and ethical business practices. Our authorized capital of 250,000.00 USD underscores our financial strength.

Maxxi Markets Ltd. goes beyond finance, fostering responsible and profitable investment. Our Fomboni office in Mohéli, Comoros Union, is a global strategic hub. Join us in forging a future where environmental care is the driving force behind prosperity.

MaxxiMarkets is trusted by users worldwide

Our commitment to reliability and transparency in global trading has positioned us as a preferred choice. Join us for a seamless trading experience!

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Invest with assurance. Our commitment to excellence ensures every financial step you take is backed by confidence and security.

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Experience peace of mind with our secure platform. Your financial transactions and investments are safeguarded for worry-free growth.

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